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About the best halvah

Welcome to the only artisan, small batch halvah company in North America!

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"...she’s got the formula down, capturing the delicate (but rich), crumbly (but not dry), melt-in-your-mouth texture that is halvah’s hallmark, in sophisticated flavors like cardamom, anise-rosemary, and Earl Grey."
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I love halvah and have since I was a child. In an era when small food producers are transforming and improving so many of the foods that we eat, I noticed no one had adopted halvah as their mission. So I decided in 2014 to take the fabulous candy of my childhood and contemporize it.
The candy is centuries old and is ubiquitous in today’s Middle East and Eastern Europe. It is part of daily life there. The mass produced, factory-made candy is as common as a Snickers bar is in the United States. The flavors are typically vanilla, chocolate or marble, often with nuts. I wanted to be the one who could make a more interpretive candy. I knew if I could make it with healthy ingredients, high quality tahini, luscious spices and flavorings, natural sweeteners (no corn syrup!) that I would have a product that would have a large market. I mistakenly thought it would be easy but as it turned out the challenge took years to master.
In 2014, I began experimenting and failing and with each failed batch I became more obsessed! I was learning why so many home cooks had tried and failed to make halvah. As a small food producer, my batch size was 6 pounds, less than one-tenth of the smallest factory batch size. Replacing the common factory sweetener, high fructose corn syrup, with organic sweeteners proved to be almost impossible. The chemistry of sugar was my nemesis. Halvah is a cousin of nougat which is made with egg whites. Since I wanted my candy to be vegan, I wanted to find a foaming agent that would replace the egg whites. With the many modifications, the results were delicious but the classic texture of halvah was elusive. The rabbit hole got deeper and deeper until I hired a food chemist to help me out. Eventually we were able to make a candy with the sought after ethereal, delicate, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Finally my candy checked all the boxes: Organic sweeteners. No corn syrup. Vegan. No gluten. And very yummy!
The creative flavor options for my small-batch halvah were fun and easy to formulate. Today Halvah Heaven offers 10 luscious gluten free flavors. With the exception of the Honey Rose flavor, they are all vegan and with the exception of the Peanut Butter flavor, none are made with nuts. We make one of the few Maple halvahs in the world. Even though we have dozens of wholesale accounts and a vibrant e-commerce site, our batches are still small. Each portion is cut and packaged by hand.
When a halvah-loving customer tastes a sample of Halvah Heaven’s halvah, they invariably acclaim that it’s the best they have ever tasted. When a customer is enjoying halvah for the first time and it is my halvah, I know that my obsession has paid off!
Many thanks to Aimee Dupre and Kate Bourgeois for the wonderful photographs and LevesqueCreative for the design and graphics!
– Victoria Wallins
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Halvah needs no refrigeration. It is rich in sesame oil (sesame seeds are the oiliest seed on the planet but it is oil that is healthy for you.) This oil can separate from the candy so we recommend that you store it in the pouch in which it is sold.

Halvah makes a great topping on ice cream, yogurt, granola and oatmeal. It adds texture, protein, calcium and flavor to everything. Try making a hot, pressed panini sandwich with it. Serve it as a simple dessert with fresh fruit (crisp apples, ripe pears!) or paired with cheeses and dried fruit, figs, apricots, mangoes and dates. Use Halvah Heaven as a pastry filling, chopped into chunks and added to cookie dough, brownie batter or a fruit crisp topping.

 Or simply savor little morsels cut with a serrated knife. Its velvety richness is well complimented by a cup of tea or coffee. It is guaranteed BLISS!