Artisan Halvah in Delicious Flavors

Winner of the GOOD FOOD award 2018Welcome to the only artisan, small batch halvah company in North America! This award-winning tahini based candy is loaded with protein and calcium and has centuries of history in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Unlike mass-produced halvah for sale worldwide, our product contains no artificial flavoring or preservatives. Our halvah is gluten-free, vegan, nut free and with all organic sweeteners. We also offer flavors that go beyond the traditional vanilla and chocolate offerings. In addition to our seven delightful flavors, we offer seasonal choices to spice up special occasions. 

We are thrilled that our Silk Road Halvah won a 2018 Good Food Award for gastronomic excellence as well as social and environmental practice!! We rose to the top of a blind tasting and also passed rigorous vetting to confirm we meet Good Food Awards standards regarding supply chain transparency, environmentally sound agricultural practices, humane animal husbandry and deep community engagement. We are celebrating!!!

" I loved the Silk Road halvah made with five-spice powder, and the Maple halvah made with grade A Vermont maple syrup."
- Kathy Gunst, WBUR

Read the wonderful review in The Boston Globe

"...she’s got the formula down, capturing the delicate (but rich), crumbly (but not dry), melt-in-your-mouth texture that is halvah’s hallmark, in sophisticated flavors like cardamom, anise-rosemary, and Earl Grey." more here